Taillardat – giving you the chance to own a piece of French furniture heritage

Taillardat is a firm based in Orléans, northern France, which specializes in recreating classic French furniture designs from the 1700s and 1800s. In order to give their furniture that authentic look and feel, Taillardat’s expert craftsmen and women use many of the same traditional methods that their ancestors would have employed. Top-grade woods, mostly cherry, mahogany and beech, make for articles that are both beautiful and hard-wearing. The company’s choice of models spans the ages (from Louis XV to Restoration) and furniture types – bookcases, chairs, beds, sofas, chests of drawers and various kinds of table. Each type boasts its own dedicated section. See here, for example, to view a full selection of console tables, which are ideal for smaller rooms, corridors and entrance halls.

Larger items such as this Louis XVI chest of drawers model offer more extensive storage capacity than console tables,

Source: www.taillardat.fr

If you need something with a little more storage space, a chest of drawers like the Bérengère model, inspired by the Louis XVI style is just perfect. This particular design is made from cherry and mahogany, along with nickel silvered bronze. Other models incorporate leather, marble and other types of wood.